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    Large numbered bingo cards. Black numbers on white background. See through rose colored shutters allow for easy double-checking of numbers that have been covered on each card. For the next game, just push the shutters back up. Cards measure 8" x 9". Numbers measure nearly 3/4".
    Product # Each Quantity
    EVILA126540-1 $3.75
    This tub of 250 plastic yellow markers is the perfect way to cover called numbers on the bingo card. Each chip measures approximately 7/8 inch and is a bright yellow color.
    Product # Each Quantity
    EVILA126554 $4.50
    This huge card has large, sharp, bold black numbers on a white background so it is easy to read. It is laminated for durability and can be wiped clean in case of spills. Numbers are 1.5" high. Card measures 11" wide x 17" high.
    Product # Each Quantity
    EVMA4055352 $4.25
    7"High x 6 3/4"Wide. (10 cards)
    Product # Each Quantity
    EVMA48727 $14.50
    Boards measure 8 1/4" X 8 1/4". Feature braille & black, raised numbers. Markers included.
    Product # Each Quantity
    EVMA49711 $6.99
    Call numbers range from numbers 1-75, and feature braille and black, raised print.
    Product # Each Quantity
    EVMA49719 $15.25
    When your numbers are called mark them by pushing the translucent plastic tabs over the numbers. After you win just push them back and you are ready for the next game. Cards measure 8 x 9 inches. Numbers measure nearly .75 inches. 5 cards per pack.
    Product # Each Quantity
    EVSLV9095 $15.50