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    Board Games

    This tactile Connect Four has a been modified with a simple hole in one color of the pieces so that those who are Blind or visually impaired can play tactually. This game has always been a family favorite. It's a classic game that kids can never get enough of and a sophisticated version of the long-established and revered tic-tac-toe game. Connect Four is so much fun for the entire family, young and old alike. The rules are simple, but can provide a challenge: drop the chip from the top and try to get four chips in a row while blocking your opponent from doing the same
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    EVIL188643 $31.50
    Large tabletop chess set comes with two slide-open drawers that neatly hold all the playing pieces. White pieces have bumps on top to differentiate against the black pieces. On the board, black spaces are slightly raised over their counterparts so players can easily recognize playing fields. All spaces have holes so the pieces won't slide around the board. This feature makes it great for traveling as well as at-home use. •Size: 13-3/4" x 8-3/4" x 1-1/2"
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    EVMA290107 $32.00
    This low vision edition features tiles with bold, black, extra-large (1/2") letters and 1/4" point value set on a white background. High-quality game board is impact-resistant and spins around for easy use. Board measures 13.5" x 14.5" and has a built up grid to hold tiles in place.
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    EVMA29444 $55.00
    Extra large sized cards with braille and large print. The 20 in. square game-board has a special overlaymolded on to it so you can identify all the spaces & the location of the properties. The perimeter of each game space is labeled in braille and in print, allowing everyone to enjoy this game. Complete w/ braille instructions. Includes braille dice, braille cards, and braille boards.
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    EVMA29957 $79.50
    An old-time favorite, this popular game is now available in an easy to identify tactile version. Pieces are square and round in shape - 3 in a row wins!
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    EVMA4089999 $10.00
    Completely tactual tournament sized set contained in a handsome, protective carrying case. Felt game board features raised white dividers and color contrast for those with low vision. Tactile dice are included with the game.
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    EVMA65500 $49.50