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    Card Games

    Solid yet light - easy to hold but built to last. This card holder has a special self adjusting action inner liner that lets you space cards farther apart and hold them even when you turn your hand down and place it on the table. Easy to hold sturdy ABS plastic. Weighs 5 ounces. Especially good for people with arthritis. Package of 2.
    Product # Each Quantity
    EVIL147622 $8.75
    These plastic cards feature regular print and braille. Washable and durable. 100% plastic.
    Product # Each Quantity
    EVILA126778 $8.25
    This beloved children's card game is a great way to have family fun involving a child or adult who reads braille. The colorful cards are delightfully illustrated and measure approximately 4 1/2" tall x 3" wide.
    Product # Each Quantity
    EVILA127204 $9.00
    Not only were these playing cards especially designed for easy viewing, they were tested and highly approved by individuals with visual impairments. The hearts and diamonds have deep red backgrounds and the spades and clubs are black. Both have crisp white numbers and suit markers. Numbers are 1.5" high.
    Product # Each Quantity
    EVILA305500 $6.00
    Designed by the ophthalmologist Dr. Gerald Marinoff to enable individuals with vision problems to more easily see the numbers on playing cards. They come with 1.5 inch high numbers. The outstanding feature is the black outline that surrounds the large numbers to make them 'stand out'.
    Product # Each Quantity
    EVILA308250 $5.75
    Cards have 1.25" numbers and letters. To assist in identifying the suits, each has a different color - spades are black, hearts are red, diamonds are green and clubs are blue. Cards measure 2.5" x 3.5"
    Product # Each Quantity
    EVILA308605 $5.75
    Jumbo index playing cards without Braille. They come with .50 inch high numbers.
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    EVILA402800 $3.75
    The popular family card game now comes to you brailled! Be the first to score 500 points and win the game! For 2 to 10 players, ages 7 to 100!
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    EVMA26787 $17.00
    Braille markings for both the face value and suit for each card mean they are easy to identify by touch. Large ½ inch numbers also make these cards easier to read than standard cards. Cards are durable, easily washable and great for both the blind and low vision player. These bridge-sized cards measure approximately 2-1/4 in. x 3-7/16 in. They are great for poker or your favorite standard card game. Single Deck -54 cards. Made of 100-percent plastic.
    Product # Each Quantity
    EVMA402090 $11.50
    These bridge-size plastic coated cards were designed and patented by a doctor for people who enjoy playing cards but have impaired vision. The 1-inch high bold numbers and designs are in black or red on a white background and are in the upper left corner which makes them readily visible when the deck is 'fanned' in your hand.
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    EVMA48615 $4.00
    Measures 7"x 4 1/2". Low Vision. Oversized.
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    EVMA80820 $13.75
    In this accessible version of the classic Go Fish kid-friendly card matching game, players make sets of four fish of the same kind by asking for cards from other players. Players can ask for cards by the numbers or by the names of the fish appearing on the cards. Cards in this set also show the number and fish name in raised Braille, so blind players can also join in on the fun. For 2-4 players. Ages 4 and up. Includes 32 playing cards and 1 set of instruction cards. Cardboard storage tray included.
    Product # Each Quantity
    EVMA948392 $17.95