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    Set consist of Braille lined tray with 9 pivital wooden tiles, each numbered individually on both sides with 2 tactile dice. It is made of solid wood and is for 2 or more players. A challenging dice game of luck and skill.
    Product # Each Quantity
    EVIL188644 $22.50
    Standard sized dice are whit with black tactile dots.
    Product # Each Quantity
    EVILGB28 $3.75
    Dots easy to see. Dice Measure 32mm (1 1/4" x 1 1/4"). Set of 2. White with Black Dots.
    Product # Each Quantity
    EVMA403422 $4.50
    Dots easy to see. Dice measure 32mm (1 1/4" x 1 1/4". Set of 2. Black with White Dots.
    Product # Each Quantity
    EVMA403423 $4.35
    Replace the dice in your favorite board games with Giant Tactile Dice and make them accessible to the whole family. Large black dice with white dots are easier to see than standard sized dice. Know the value rolled by touching the raised/tactile dots. Great for the blind and those with low vision as well as those with arthritis and limited manual dexterity. 1-1/4" square with rounded corners for a smoother roll. Includes one pair (2 dice).
    Product # Each Quantity
    EVMA59868 $9.00