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    The analog face with wide white hands on a black background make this an easy-to-read clock. But if you prefer it will tell you the time in a clear female voice. There is even a small digital LCD readout. It features: adjustable volume control a rooster crow alarm hourly time announcement and operates on 3 AA batteries not included. Measures 5 inches x 4.5 x 2.5.
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    EVIL756020 $17.00
    The design is very appealing and modern but the unsurpassed accuracy of this talking atomic clock will really wow you. It has one of the clearest talking functions we've heard. The large digital display shows you the time day and date in big bold numbers and letters. Measures 4.5 x 4.7 x 2.75 inches and the LCD screen is 1.75 x 3 inches. A great looking clock for the office living room den or anywhere else you need it. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included). The time is spoken 'it is 10 minutes to 12' instead of 'it is 11:50'. Optional hourly announcement. Guides user vocally through set-up and comes with detailed spoken instructions on a cassette.
    Product # Each Quantity
    EVILA756994 $45.00
    It has a smooth pear-shaped design & large black easy-to-see numbers against a white face. It has an analog readout voice time report an alarm hourly time announcement & adjustable volume. Push the large button on top to hear the time.
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    EVILA835910 $16.50
    1/4" black numbers on LCD display. Measures: 5 1/2"L x4"H x3"W. White case. Easy to set. Female voice. Volume control. Select beep or crow alarm. Uses 4-AA batteries (not included)
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    EVMA63905 $17.50
    Practicality meets fun with this multi-functional Talking Super Cube. It makes a great accessory for home or office, adding a touch of style to any environment. With a press of a button, this little cube announces the time or date with a male voice. It also features a timer function. Perfect for the blind or those with low vision. Requires two AA batteries (not included). Measures: 2-3/4"x 2-3/4"x 2-1/4".
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    EVMA7025631 $33.00
    This jumbo display alarm clock has a bright red, 3-inch high LED digits. The clock also has adjustable LED brightness, adjustable alarm volume and a snooze button for the alarm. Clock will not display during outage. A 9V battery, NI, can be installed to maintain the time setting during a power outage. Clock measures 8.67" L, 4.75" W, 2.25" D.
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    EVMA703402 $30.00
    Black face white numerals. Sweeping second hand. Lightweight. All metal. Easy & secure mounting. White face with large, 1 1/2" high numerals. Measures: 14" in diameter. Requires 1-AA battery (not included).
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    EVMA7047946 $27.50
    The REIZEN Atomic Talking Clock with indoor-outdoor temperature and date announcement is radio-controlled with automatic daylight saving time adjustment. Main unit displays time, date, indoor or outdoor temperatures in large 1.5" numbers. A pleasant female voice reads each display at the touch of a button. Optional automatic vocal announcements of time and temperatures from 8 am to 10 pm. Great for the blind or those with low vision. The main unit uses 2 "AA" batteries, and the wireless remote sensor uses 2 "AAA" batteries (NI). Main unit size, 8.25" x 5" x 2". Remote is 3" x 2.5".
    Product # Each Quantity
    EVMA706800 $59.00
    Features: LCD & audio time report, alarm, hourly time announcement. Uses AG13x2 battery (included). Dimension: 60mm x38mm x14mm. 1/4" black numbers on LCD display. Female voice.
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    EVMA996685W $13.75
    The Sonic Boom Analog Alarm has been designed for those that prefer the use of an analog alarm clock. With an easy to set alarm, no AM or PM to confuse, and easy to see extra large display. Features: Powerful 12-volt bed shaker; Blue back light flashes when alarm rings; Hi/low dimmer switch; Extra loud pulsating audio alarm with 113dB adjustable tone & volume control.
    Product # Each Quantity
    EVSA-SBA475SS $49.95
    This cost effective bedside alarm clock with bed shaker includes many features. A hi/lo dimmer switch to sleep better at night. A powerful 12 volt bed shaker. A loud 113 dB alarm with adjustable tone and volume control. Battery backup in the event of a power outage, (battery not included). Measures 9" wide x 5" tall x 1" thick.
    Product # Each Quantity
    EVSCSA-SB300SS $49.95